What to Do Beyond that First Impression

The Internship Fair is over and done with. All of the stress that came with prepping resumes, finding a stellar outfit, and making that key first impression is hopefully wearing off as we enter a new (and shortened) week. But our work isn’t over yet – there’s still more you can do to make that first impression turn into more than a meet and greet. To help give you some guidance, here are some first steps to take following the Internship Fair:

Reach Out!

This is the key to making sure an employer remembers you. If you collected any contact information from the event, be sure to follow up with those representatives and thank them for their time. It’s super important to show these representatives that you really found some value in your short meeting at the Fair so feel free to reference any of the topics you might have covered with them and include some of the key takeaways you learned from your meeting. Check this resource out if you need a refresher on Professional Communication.

Expand Your Network!

Here’s the true value of the Internship Fair. In addition to learning more about the opportunities our employers have to offer, you get a chance to really connect with currentmembers of a company and, in doing so, you get a chance to network. This is me telling you what to do next: FOSTER THOSE CONNECTIONS!

Seriously, fostering a connection can build on more than just a first impression – it can create a real relationship between you and a professional working in your field. So start supporting your connection by adding your new contacts on LinkedIn and be sure to add a personalized message when adding them.

Review that Resume!

If anything, the Fair should have helped you make some great insights on what opportunities you’re interested in and how you might prepare for future internships. It’s always wise to take things further by getting the wise words of your Career Counselor in regards to your resume, cover letter, or any burning questions/concerns

you might have. There is no harm in getting a second pair of eyes (or ears) on anything career-related… especially when it comes from one of our experts!

Have any questions about next steps? Contact our office or schedule an appointment!

By Anders Croft
Anders Croft Marketing Communications Specialist Anders Croft