WSJ & CNN on Campus – Why You (All of You) Shouldn’t Miss It! 

In the next week, both the Wall Street Journal and CNN/Turner Broadcasting will be on campus.  These organizations are looking for Emersonians (that’s you) across majors (that’s you too!).  Need some more convincing – I thought so, here you go:

Reasons Why YOU should be there:

  • Networking – with industry professionals (from top news organizations & networks no less!)
  • Access to Internships – from industry professionals, not internship boards (wow!)
  • A Face, A Name, A Handshake – you can make an impression and a connection, in person – not just through your professional materials (what an opportunity!).
  • Insider Tips & Trends – learn about the industry and trends from insiders (What skills should you be working on? What are current industry trends?, How can you prepare?)
  • Think Outside the Box – While at first glance Wall Street Journal and CNN seem journalism oriented, they are so much more and relevant to all majors. These companies (and others) are looking for digital story tellers, marketers, photographers, graphic artists, writers – don’t miss out on an opportunity because you are judging a book by its cover.

So – now that you are convinced and plan to attend these events – YAHOO – here are the details:

Wall Street Journal – Thursday 10/12, 11am – 12pm – RSVP HERE

The Wall Street Journal is the most circulated newspaper in America, it is also the winner of 40 Pulitzer Prizes (impressive!).  In addition to writing compelling news stories, they have an awesome lifestyle, arts and culture magazine you should check out – see it here.   They are looking for paid, summer undergrad and graduate interns in these fields: News Design, Graphics, Photography, and Video (see what I mean lots of opportunities across majors!) – Apply Today!

CNN (Turner Broadcasting) – Thursday 10/19, 12:30-1:30 – RSVP HERE

CNN is owned by Turner Broadcasting, who also owns Cartoon Network, TNT, TBS & TCM.  They are looking for paid summer undergraduate and graduate interns across majors – Journalism, Marketing/PR, Production, and more for summer 2018.  Looking at their Turner Intern twitter page – who wouldn’t want to work there?!

Have questions, still not convinced – give us a call (617-824-8586), send us an email (, we are here to help!  Oh and if you are still reading this and convinced you want to work in news as a journalism or other major – check out this blog for other ideas!

By Katharine Privert
Katharine Privert Interim Liason to School of Communications Katharine Privert