Graduate Students: Are You Ready?

Greetings Graduate Students and Happy New Year!!! Picking up from where we left off last year, I’d like to present to you a list of resources to utilize, brought to you by Emerson College Career Services. If you have some questions about how we support graduate students, look no further to get a rundown of what we provide, and where you can find us.

1. Stay in The Career Loop

It’s important to follow us. We post some great opportunities, spotlight employers, as well as students like yourselves currently on site doing some impressive internships. Look for us on Facebook:

2. Get Your Materials Ready

 Many of you are in the process of renewing your resumes, tweaking your information, and a little daunted about the process of putting together a cover letter. However, deadlines are approaching for summer internships. Need some guidance and examples? Check out our resume guides on CareerBuzz to get you started.

3. Seek Out and Be Seen

Most of you by now are familiar with Handshake, where you can schedule appointments with me and also look for internships. Make sure you maximize this resource with a complete profile, (get that photo up!) and any additional documents such as resumes and cover letters. You have the option, once your information is up to date and revised, to be seen by our partner employers seeking interns.

4. Your Successes: Tell Us What You’re Doing

Do you want to be featured? Do you want to share with your Emerson community about a project, production, research or an internship you’re doing? We want to hear from you! Connect with to submit.

5. Stay Connected to Emerson Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies has a great team of folks to keep you connected to the resources and programs at Emerson. Don’t be a stranger!

Emerson College Grad Life

6.We’re Not Far

If you’re in the neighborhood stop by and feel free to schedule an appointment. We do in person, phone or Skype and located at 216 Tremont Street, 6th Floor.

And…SAVE THE DATE! Our Spring Internship and Career Fair will be held on Thursday, March 29th. We look forward to seeing you!

Here’s to reaching your 2018 career goals. 🙂

By Jessica Chance
Jessica Chance Assistant Director, Liaison to Alumni and Graduate Students Jessica Chance