Making the Most of the Org Fair: An Emerson Tradition

As you’ve probably noticed, every Emersonian has (at least) one thing in common: being busy. Getting
involved at Emerson is practically a tradition, which isn’t surprising with so many opportunities available.

It may be overwhelming at first, but attending the Fall 2018 Org Fair is one of the most important things you can do to begin getting involved early. At the Org Fair, there are student organizations to match every interest and each one offers something unique to enhance your Emerson experience. There are student organizations related to professional interests, volunteering, leadership, and even more!

Friday, Sept. 7th, 12PM – 3PM in the Bobbi Brown & Steven Plofker Gym

If you’re still not sure why Emersonians get so excited about being involved, here are a few reasons that getting involved in a student organization could help you on your career journey:

1. Any organization you join will help you develop valuable transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, and critical thinking, among others.

These are the kinds of skills that employers are constantly searching for, so your transferable skills will be an asset when you’re preparing yourself for the internship search or post-grad job-hunting!

2. You’ll make friends that last a lifetime.

At the Career Development Center, we call that “networking!”

3. Over the course of your time at Emerson, you can grow into potential leadership opportunities in your student organization.

Employers love to hire student leaders because they often have time management, organization, and communication skills that other candidates lack. By becoming a student leader, you could really set yourself apart from the crowd.


4. There’s no better place to practice industry-specific skills than a student organization.

Each time you participate in a new project you gain an opportunity to practice your craft in a real-world setting. In fact, you can add student organization involvement to your resume in many cases! In the past, this has allowed many Emersonians to secure coveted internships and jobs as a result of their advanced skills.


5. Student organizations are fun!

If you aren’t enjoying yourself after a while, the good news is that you aren’t signing your life away. You can always try out a new organization and you have learned something extremely valuable about yourself. By reflecting on what you didn’t like about your experience, you can learn more about what your preferences might be in an internship or full-time position. More importantly, you’ve learned it in a low stakes environment where you could step away without harming your professional image.

Overall, getting involved at Emerson is something that you will be thankful for when graduation is
around the corner. You’ll create memories and gain experience that you wouldn’t have been able to
obtain otherwise, and you’ll hopefully have a blast doing it. If you’re still skeptical that you won’t gain
anything from the Fall 2018 Org Fair, consider attending anyway to get some food and freebies. You
might find that you change your mind once you arrive!

By Ally Baldwin
Ally Baldwin Temporary Liaison to the School of Communications Ally Baldwin