3 Thanksgiving Break To-Do’s

Whether you’re a freshman trying to figure out possible future career paths, looking for a summer internship, or preparing to graduate and enter the workforce, Thanksgiving break is a great opportunity to explore your career interests!

Yes we know, this is your time to finally relax after a few busy months of the semester, and we encourage you to do that! But career planning and research doesn’t always require spending endless hours on LinkedIn or job boards, sending emails and making phone calls, and traveling out of your way to meet someone for an informational interview. In fact, a large portion of career exploration involves networking, which you can easily work into your already existing plans with friends or family! Even if you’re staying on campus, there are ways you can research and network online during your break from classes. Here are some ideas that you can try out over Thanksgiving break:

Dinner Table Small Talk

  • Maybe getting stuck next to “boring” Uncle Joe at Thanksgiving dinner isn’t such a bad thing after all… do you even know what he does for a living? Thanksgiving gatherings are a great opportunity to talk to relatives or family friends about your education and career goals, and ask about what they do. You may be surprised what you learn and who they know!
  • Even if your relatives don’t work in the industries you’re interested in, there’s a chance they know someone who does. Once you start up the conversation about your interests and goals, ask them if they know anyone who works in the industry, and if they’d be willing to connect you with them.

Friendsgiving Connections

  • While a lot of your friends may be in the same boat as you and may not have a lot of professional experience yet, they may have siblings, cousins, parents, or other friends who do!
  • Change up the usual conversation and ask your friends about their career interests and goals, and share yours! This opens up the opportunity for you to ask if they know anyone working in the field you’re interested in to make some more connections.

Check Out Our Resources

  • We know that not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving or attends large gatherings, and some students stay on campus during the break. Luckily, we have some great online resources for you to check out if you’re laying low during the break!
  • Careerbuzz contains tons of resources that you can easily browse and filter by category, such as resumes and cover letters, interviewing, networking, and more! You can also explore upcoming workshops and events to attend after the break.
  • Handshake contains job and internship postings from over 3,000 employers and allows you to personalize your search based on your career needs. You can also schedule an appointment directly through Handshake to meet with one of our industry-focused career counselors when we return to campus!
By Leah Boecker
Leah Boecker Graduate Assistant Leah Boecker