Tell Your Story

Emerson College is home to some of the best storytellers in the country. To them, the way you tell your story is just as important as the opportunities you have to offer.

The Career Development Center offers this page as a means of determining the best way to share your company’s story, culture, and opportunities so that you have the most impact on the students you’re engaging with. If you’re brand new to recruiting at Emerson College, this is the page for you.

Phase One: Build the Hype

Every story needs a beginning: Kickstart your company’s recruiting by educating students about who you are and what you have to offer. Be sure to touch base with our office to determine what starting strategy works best for you and your company. Some potential event ideas include:

  • On-Campus Tabling
  • Virtual Info Sessions
  • Social Media Promotions

Phase Two: Make it Personal

Share the “so what”: Take your company’s story even further by getting involved with Emerson’s campus community. Consider meeting with faculty or student organizations to create a lasting relationship or partnership. And don’t forget to consider the Internship Fair, where you can meet up to 500 students! Some examples of this include:

  • Attending the Internship Fair
  • Meeting with a Student Organization
  • Scheduling a Class Visit

Phase Three: Take it Further

Enter Our Hall of Fame: Become more than a recruiting contact by taking an active role in our students’ career education. Get involved with our office’s Mock Interview program, hold an open office hour for students, or come up with your own creative way of getting involved!