There’s no doubt that as an Emersonian, you take pride in getting experiential learning. It’s so much of what Emerson is all about. And the plus? Employers want and expect their new hires to have key competencies as a result of that learning, and one of them is referred to as Global and Intercultural Fluency. This skill is reflected in:

  • How you engage with, create with, and collaborate with others different than yourself.
  • Your learning about cultures, ethnicities, and the multiple aspects of identity that encompass those around you.
  • The relational and communication skills you have to make meaningful connections with diverse groups of people.
  • Your ability to reflect on your identity, and the experiences that are a catalyst for a deeper understanding of diversity, equity, identity, and inclusion for the future of work.

You might have recently read a diversity statement or statement of solidarity on a company website and want to know what it means for you. Maybe you want to better understand the work that goes into IDEAS at an organization, and if an organization is a good fit for you. As you prepare for more internship and post grad opportunities, you want to be informed about diversity issues in arts and communication, and your role not only as an ally, but an agent of change.

Where We Are: Career & Intercultural Awareness is a course for Juniors and Seniors that explores topics of IDEAS as it relates to your identity and career development. This work starts with you and supports your own purpose and vision as an Emersonian, and as you grow professionally. Sign up to get a seat!

If you have any questions, contact me!

Drew Genova

Assistant Director, Career Access & Equity