Through a series of courses, the Career Development Center provides career education to Emerson College students in both the fall and spring semesters. These courses incorporate their campus experiences, industry learning and key areas required for their professional development.

The career education we provide stresses the importance of forming a career narrative, experiential learning, and establishing a professional identity reflective of one’s values and talents.

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Where We Are: Career & Intercultural Awareness

This course explores topics on diversity and inclusion as it relates to student’s identity and career development.  Students will learn about the career competency of equity and inclusion, and have discourse about diversity and inclusion in the arts and communication.

Students will highlight their intercultural experiences for their professional brand, clarify their values about diversity as they assess career opportunities, and learn about allyship and change initiatives in their fields. This course offers non-tuition credit for students.

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Facilitated by: Jessica Chance

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Internship Ready

The Internship Ready course provides students with the tools to search and apply for internships. The course covers topics such as application materials (resumes and cover letters), resources for finding internships, and internship search strategies. Stay tuned for Fall registration updates.

Facilitated by: Marissa Shallcross

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EmersonNEXT CareerLaunch

Facilitated by: Jessica Chance

Open for Registration:
EmersonNEXT CareerLaunch is a self-guided course that incorporates the four areas Purpose, Prepare, Position and Promote to help grad students to define their goals in the next phase of their career. Students will refine their “mission statement and professional brand” that will help them market their master’s level education.

Facilitated by: Jessica Chance

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CareerLaunch is a six week course designed to support seniors as they prepare for graduation and their future career. The course will contain a variety of content including video tutorials, self-guided materials, as well as opportunities to work directly with a career counselor to help them take the next step in their career post-graduation.

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Community Development Experience

Open for Registration:

This course is designed to provide experiential learning through civic engagement/community work for the undergraduate students of Emerson College. It will support their career development outside of the classroom and develop their social awareness by working with a range of communities and initiatives.

Through working on projects in partnership with nonprofit organizations, students will develop career competencies such as critical thinking, interpersonal communication, and intercultural awareness, key areas for workplace readiness while educating Emerson students on how to use their skills to be agents for change. Students who complete a CDE will receive non-tuition credit. Register for the Community Development Experience (CDE) course by securing an eligible CDE and submitting it for approval. Additional info regarding eligibility and approval requirements can be found on our Community Development Experience page. For additional information, please contact

Facilitated by: Drew Genova

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Career Development for International Students

This course supports international students’ career development whether in the U.S. or upon their return to their home country. This better equips our international students when navigating overall career opportunities. Stay tuned for enrollment updates.

Facilitated by: Emi Bague