The Career Development Center made several changes to the aim of its department in 2017, starting with a new iteration of its Mission Statement…

The Career Development Center is the hub for career education, resources, and experiential learning opportunities at Emerson College. The Center empowers students and alumni to realize their potential by providing:

• Personalized career counseling informed by industry-specific education and shaped by individual professional development.

• Innovative career development platforms and cutting-edge digital resources featuring on-demand information accessible anytime, anywhere.

• A robust employer partnership program connecting students and alumni with companies or organizations within Arts & Communications industries in the U.S. and beyond.

Changes from 2018 – 2019:

Over the past year, the Career Development Center has made tremendous progress toward realizing this mission. The office has been primarily focused on the delivery and communication of services to its current student population with emphasis on creating clearer touchpoints and more self-service options.

Examples of the department’s online efforts from last year include the launch of virtual self-service options such as fully-online resume reviews and live chat options for connecting with our office. Our efforts in collaborating were met with great enthusiasm from campus partners such as the School of Communication, Student Engagement and Leadership, the Office of International Student Affairs, as well as several student-run organizations.

We’ve included several graphics from our current Annual Report for 2018 – 2019 to help illustrate the impact of these changes.

Appointments & Events:
Online Engagement:

Moving Forward:

The Career Development Center aspires to further its campus and employer relationships throughout the new academic year. This includes further connections between faculty and employers to present opportunities such as classroom visits, capstone projects, and workshops related to students’ current curriculum.

Likewise, we hope to continue our online and in-person engagement efforts with First Year students to help drive engagement in our Career Design Pathways program. Career Design intends to contextualize student activities as they pertain to career competencies developed by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). Its intent is to enhance the student experience during exploratory and experiential learning opportunities both on and off-campus.

A round logo showing a compass, sunglasses, footprints, and people.

We’ve revamped the Career Design Pathways program to include clearer waypoints for future activities. Many of the improvements we’ve made this year were thanks to the MK480 Capstone class. Learn more about Career Design.

Finally, we remain committed to best supporting our current and prospective international student population. Our office will continue to work toward creating awareness of international needs, desires, and requirements between campus partners and employers with the added help of a new Assistant Director of International Career Services. This will be a brand new role focused on educating students, employers, and campus partners on the value our International Student provide both on-campus and in the workplace.

Check Out Our Full 2018 – 2019 Report Here: