The Career Development Center realizes that this is a uncertain time for those seeking current internship or job opportunities. While plans are changing day-to-day, our office has compiled a few Frequently Asked Questions in regards to career opportunities and what our support or recommendations look like moving forward.

As a reminder, this page applies only to our office and the current state of career opportunities. Please use for the most up to date information from Emerson College regarding Academics, Student Employer, Day-to-Day Operations, and more.

Are employers still looking for interns?

Yes. While some employers have had to pause their recruiting, others are still moving forward and will continue to be seeking summer and fall interns for 2020. It’s important to keep in mind that the process may take longer than anticipated. As students, staff and faculty have had to adjust to new working environments related to covid-19, employers need to time to evaluate their plans before they resume recruiting. During this time, we encourage you to…

Who is hiring right now?

For jobs and internships, we’re in constant communication with employers to find out who is hiring. Visit Handshake and use the “covid featured” label to view positions that have been confirmed as open and still hiring.

Examples of who is hiring will be updated via the “Who’s Hiring” Report we pull each month.

What can I do right now?

For students getting started with their career, set up time to talk with your assigned career counselor about career design, and start taking time to explore what you want to do with your major. While this is an uncertain time, remember what you can control. Your goals don’t stop. For students looking for internship and jobs, remain proactive, and schedule time to strategize your search with a career counselor. Right now it’s good to be patient, but persistent.

How is the career center helping students right now with the pandemic going on?

We’re gathering information about our partner employers, reviewing our resources, and meeting you where you’re at. We realize that you have a lot going on, so we’re carefully curating content for you each week. We’re also coaching you about what to say and how to say it when networking and being respectful of networking contacts.

I’m graduating this semester and feel really stressed out. What should I do?

Join the EC20 CareerLaunch Course you were invited to via Canvas. This resource provides a step-by-step guide to launching your career during this time, including resources and starting points for you to consider.

As a reminder, we’re offering virtual appointments via Handshake to help you strategize career goals. Beyond these suggestions, all career seekers should consider the following:

  1. What are your goals?  Including a plan a, b & c
  2. Ensure your materials are prepared and up to date (link to online resume and cover letter review)
  3. Meet with the Career Development Office to strategize about the next steps
  4. Create a schedule for yourself that includes time for job search
  5. Connect with your network, this is crucial in job search during a normal market, but even more so during this unprecedented time.  Staying connected or making new connections will help you learn more about how the coronavirus is impacting your future field, it will also allow you to learn how you can potentially solve problems and/or types of roles you could consider applying for moving forward.  Lean on the Emerson network, as well as professional associations within your fields. 
  6. Do the research, what organizations would you like to work for?  Are there industries that are currently hiring that can utilize your skills?  Are the jobs posted directly on company websites?
  7. Review job boards, continue to use sites like Handshake, LinkedIn and other industry-oriented sites to help look for open positions – however, with 75% of jobs found in a normal job market through networking – do not get stuck only using job search boards as your technique
  8. Breathe and be kind to yourself

How do I talk with employers without bringing up COVID-19? Is it unprofessional if I do?

It’s not unprofessional if it comes up in conversation. Right now it’s difficult to not address it as academic and professional lives are all impacted. It’s good to be thoughtful of employers adjustments and changes when they’re meeting with candidates.

Will the career center remain open over the summer?

Yes. We are open year -round and the pandemic hasn’t changed that. From April and on, we’ll be here to address your career needs and keeping your futures bright!