Show me the Money? How about Show me the Academic Credit!

How to get credit flier[1]

Don’t just get paid, get credit! Find out how. Read more »

By Emily Smedick
Emily Smedick Assistant Director, Experiential Learning Emily Smedick
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Tips for: Staying Organized During Your Job or Internship Search


Keeping yourself organized while searching for jobs and internships is extremely important, and can help save you a great deal of time and effort in the future. Here are the types of information you want to keep organized! Read more »

By Marissa Shallcross
Marissa Shallcross Assistant Director, Liaison to School of the Arts Marissa Shallcross
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Summer Internships in LA


Are you planning on heading to LA this Summer and looking to get some experience under your belt before coming back to Boston this Fall? Career Services can help! Read more »

By Blaine Butler
Blaine Butler Associate Director, Employer Engagement and Marketing Blaine Butler
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“Learning is Success, The Process is Success” Paloma Valenzuela, Class of 2009

By Jessica Chance
Jessica Chance Assistant Director, Liaison to Alumni and Graduate Students Jessica Chance
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Fair Follow-up: 3 Tips for Getting Hired


Now that the Internship Fair is over, what do you do next? We got the answers right here! Read more »

By Ally Strang
Ally Strang Graduate Assistant Ally Strang
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