Marketing Your Grad Experience: What Do Employers Want?

Marketing Your Grad Experience

You may be looking to find your first internship or in your last year of graduate school getting ready to start your job search or going on interviews. If your first thought is “what do I do now?” I completely …

By Shakira Moreta
Shakira Moreta Shakira Moreta
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New York Connection Registration Opens 10/18 at 10am

New York Connection Logo

Join us on the New York Connection trip on Thursday, November 9th, 2017. This trip offers a great opportunity to join Emerson alumni and friends in New York City for a full day of exploring and networking. Industry professionals …

By Catherine Rodriguez
Catherine Rodriguez Adminstrative Assistant Catherine Rodriguez
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WSJ & CNN on Campus – Why You (All of You) Shouldn’t Miss It! 

WSJ & CNN on Campus – Why You (All of You) Shouldn’t Miss It!  thumbnail image

In the next week, both the Wall Street Journal and CNN/Turner Broadcasting will be on campus.  These organizations are looking for Emersonians (that’s you) across majors (that’s you too!).  Need some more convincing – I thought so, here you go:

Reasons …

By Katharine Privert
Katharine Privert Interim Liason to School of Communications Katharine Privert
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What to Do Beyond that First Impression

Internship Fair (10)

The Internship Fair is over and done with. All of the stress that came with prepping resumes, finding a stellar outfit, and making that key first impression is hopefully wearing off as we enter a new (and shortened) week. …

By Anders Croft
Anders Croft Marketing Communications Specialist Anders Croft
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Prepping for the Internship Fair


Have you ever been to a job interview and felt wholly unprepared? Ever stood in front of your speech 101 class and forgot all the info you so carefully memorized the week, or let’s be honest, the night before?

If …

By Danielle Peralta
Danielle Peralta Danielle Peralta
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