Luna Tang: Publishing with Pride


Luna Tang entered the Publishing and Writing program at Emerson College with an already-impressive list of achievements in September 2017. In her own words, “Publicists say publishing a book is like giving birth to a baby. I had been a mom …

By Jessica Chance
Jessica Chance Assistant Director, Liaison to Alumni and Graduate Students Jessica Chance
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Your Ultimate After College To-Do List


As a student at Emerson College, your mind is zoned into pursuing goals that will lead to receiving your diploma. Whether it’s making flashcards to study, writing an essay or taking an exam, these tasks take up a lot of …

By Anders Croft
Anders Croft
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How to Connect with Other Students

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 6.22.50 PM

Emerson is known to be an extremely collaborative school that gets its students prepared to interact with others as they would in their future fields.  This is great, but may seem a bit daunting for students as they’re still just …

By Geena Gangi
Geena Gangi Peer Career Advisor Geena Gangi
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Tips for Your NYC Job Search


Are you interested in working in NYC? We know many of our students hope to land in the Big Apple, and we have multiple resources as well as tips to help with your search! If you’re graduating in December, it’s …

By Marissa Shallcross
Marissa Shallcross Assistant Director, Liaison to School of the Arts Marissa Shallcross
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Building Your Online Portfolio

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If you haven’t thought about organizing your work into one place that can be shared with future employers or collaborators, you’ve come to the right blog post! Creating an online portfolio is crucial for those hoping to work in media …

By Peer Career Advisor
Peer Career Advisor Profile Picture
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