Emerson Connections

Being a part of the Emerson Connections allows you to connect with any number of our Alums looking to offer their professional advice. These folx make up our Mentors on Handshake and they are just about the nicest people you’ll have a chat with whether it’s an informational interview or the start to a longer, more detailed relationship.

We are currently finalizing our Mentor system in Handshake. When this goes live, you will be able to find mentors and register as a mentor for students. Please review the following instructions in advance of this release.

Finding a Mentor:

  1. Log into Handshake.
  2. Navigate to the left-hand side of the screen and select Mentoring
  3. Select “Find Mentors” to access our full database of Mentors in the Emerson Connection program.
  4. Customize your search by selecting a Mentor’s Industry, Education, Major, etc..

Joining Emerson Connections:

If you have already registered to be a mentor, you should have an active account through Handshake. Use the credentials you had registered with previously to access your account or create a new account through the following process.

  1. Visit the Handshake  site for Emerson College (emerson.joinhandshake.com)
  2. Select “Sign Up for An Account”. Register using your personal email account.
  3. Remember to select “Mentor” during Registration.
  4. Allow a few days for your account to be approved by a member of Career Services.
  5. Be sure to complete your Profile Information!
  6. Access “User Settings” by clicking your name in the upper right corner. Fill in your background and industry to make it easier for students to find you!

Job Shadows (Coming Soon):

Interested in learning more about a particular career or workplace beyond an Informational Interview? Job Shadows are your best bet.

A Job Shadow is an experience in which you meet with a professional in-person to view a day in the life of the employees at a certain company. It’s your chance to get a sense of:

  • Company Culture
  • Typical Workday
  • Skills Needed for the Job

Career Services is currently in the process of developing a streamlined method for finding Job Shadow opportunities but, in the meantime, you can do the following:

  1. Tap into your personal network of friends, employers, and relatives to connect with professionals in your industry or companies of interest.
  2. Use Resources like the Emerson Alumni Association Group on LinkedIn as well as our guides for Networking.

Stay Tuned: We’ll keep you up to date as we continue to create this program for students!