Career Design

Designing a Path to your Career can be difficult without a little guidance. The Career Development Center has structured several paths that help identify the experiences and opportunities to look out for during your time at Emerson College.

Don’t worry — it’s simpler than it sounds. 

Our Career Paths are here to connect the dots between your on and off-campus involvement and experiences as a part of your ongoing professional development. Following these paths will illuminate major learning outcomes and connections you might otherwise be unaware of. 

In short: It’s our way of showing how being an active member of the Emerson community can help bridge the gap between you and your next career!

There are four paths you may follow as a student:


Explore Emerson College’s vibrant community and experience the benefits of getting involved on campus, whether it’s joining an organization, creating your class schedule, or starting the conversation around careers with the Career Development Center.


Discover your professional passion by digging deeper into your chosen career path with the Career Development Center and new members of your expanding professional network.


Put your Experience to the test by acquiring an internship or professional learning opportunity outside of the classroom. It’s time to take your professionalism out into the field to gain hands-on knowledge of your career!


Develop a game-plan for your Transition from student to professional by continuing to build on your experience and meeting with the Career Development Center to define your next steps.