Emerson Connections

Connect. Discuss. Discover.

Join a growing community of Emerson alumni, industry professionals, and current students to discuss career paths and professional development.

Emerson Connections is a near limitless source for career education and exploration designed to connect current students with industry professionals, including other Emerson alumni as well as industry thought leaders.

Network with hundreds of professionals today and share your experience or professional interests through one of the following ways:

  • Informational Interviews
  • Phone Conversations
  • Online Chats through Brazen
  • In-Person Meetings
  • Emerson College Networking Events

How Current Students Can Use Emerson Connections:

  1. Log into Handshake
  2. Access the “Career Center” drop-down and select “Mentoring
  3.  Select “Find Mentors
  4. Search our database of professionals and find someone to connect with!

How Alumni & Professionals Can Use Emerson Connections:

Use Emerson Connections to connect with current students over a variety of professional topics. Students are best engaged with Informational Interviews or networking efforts so feel free to reach out and share a bit about yourself and the work you do when connection!

Use the link below to register:

Disclaimer: Our office is using Handshake to manage Emerson Connections currently. While the system refers to members of this community as “Mentors,” we are in no way requesting individual mentorships with each student that reaches out. Alumni will be able to set the limits of your engagement when registering.