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Handshake is the largest career community for students and recent grads. As an Emerson College students, your login allows you to create and account.  With over 400,000 career opportunities, Handshake creates a networking environment that is both diverse and high quality. Handshake was designed to be highly personalized and easy to use, and as so it allows you to input your interests and skills in order to give you an internship and or a job recommendations that will fit you better. To access Handshake click any of the pages below!

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Internships may be completed for experience or for-credit. Careerbuzz features a number of paid and exclusive opportunities that Emerson students may not find otherwise:

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Entry-Level Jobs are most relevant to recent graduates of Emerson College. These are opportunities requiring little to no experience and can serve as a great launchpad for future opportunities:

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Experienced Jobs are more relevant to seasoned alumni who have some experience in the field. These positions typically require at least three years of experience before considering an applicant: