Emerson College’s First Destination Survey (FDS) tells the story of our recent grads by illustrating their plans for post-graduate employment and/or education. As an annual initiative, the goal of the FDS is to capture a snapshot of hiring trends, challenges, and opportunities that each graduating class faces.

Emerson’s Career Development Center uses the FDS to determine what resources are needed for each class. In short, it is a way of assessing what level of support the Center might provide to help students reach their post-graduate career or education goals.

Click here to take this year’s First Destination Survey.

FDS ≠ Career Success

Responding to the First Destination Survey can seem intimidating, especially in light of recent times. After all, it’s a survey asking whether or not you are currently employed which, for many students and career seekers, is a challenging question.

But let us be clear in the purpose of this survey: It is not a measure of career success.

The FDS is an effort meant to illustrate the challenges you face during this time and how the Career Development Center might be able to support you and other graduates. It is a way of determining the best support options for each graduating class.

Share Your Destination

All Class of 2020 Graduates are encouraged to take the First Destination Survey, regardless of their current career status.

The information you are able to provide can make a significant impact on how the College supports your future, including the development of new resources and initiatives.

But we also understand your concern during this time. Which is why we’re also encouraging you to make use of the Career Development Center whenever you need it. Whether you are seeking a quick check-in or a more in-depth appointment, the Career Center is here to help.

Two links have been provided below. One which directs you to the Class of 2020 FDS to complete. The other guides you toward the Career Development Center’s appointment offerings to help start, enhance, or energize your current career.

Share Your Destination:

Schedule an Appointment:

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