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IDEAS stands for…

Inclusive, Diverse, Equitable, Accessible, and Socially Just

Started in June 2020, the IDEAS career development campaign is designed to surface and promote inclusion-focused communities and opportunities from Emerson College’s partners. Students and alumni can connect with these opportunities by exploring this webpage and by subscribing to our monthly newsletter using the link below.

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Upcoming Events

Creative Café Meet & Greet

Thursday, September 30, 2021
7:00pm – 9:30pm
Student Performance Center, Lower Level – LB

Creative Cafe is a new monthly series open to all students to create space for conversations on culture, entertainment, and politics that center and empower communities of color. Students are invited to join a diverse group of creative scholars from different specialties for intensive workshops and discussions throughout the academic year, with the objective of broadening the artistic scope using a social justice framework while working with a mentor to bring ideas to life.Students will have an opportunity to gain insights from internal/external industry professionals; collaborate with BIPOC students, faculty, and staff through community dialogue, professional development, and student mentorship; and explore a creative approach to the intersection of creativity, business & financial literacy.
Contact Jae Williams, Director of Special Projects in the Social Justice Center, for additional information.

Current Opportunities

Marketing Intern

We are looking for a dedicated, “can-doer” type to join the Marketing team of our multi-platform arts and social impact collective, ARRAY. ARRAY is passionate about amplifying content centered on dynamic social justice themes created by Black artists, people of color and women of all kinds. Our Marketing Intern will support our Marketing and Publicity departments to develop and manage marketing campaigns and assets across the ARRAY brand. If you are familiar with the term “elbow grease” and know how to apply that to a work environment, then ARRAY might be the place for you. Applications close on October 1st.

Programming Intern

ARRAY is in pursuit of an intern who loves cinema, community cultivation, and coordination of events! Our Public Programming Intern will be part of an in-house team that coordinates activities and processes for ARRAY’s film related screenings, conversations, and experiences. Dedicated to showcasing inclusive cinema, the Public Programming Team creates efficiencies across the entire organization related to curation, guest/audience services, event ticketing, logistics, and more. If you are familiar with the term “elbow grease” and know how to apply that to a work environment then ARRAY might be the place for you. Applications close on October 1st.

Diversity Fellow, Video Editor

The Alfred Fleishman Diversity Fellowship is an industry-leading program that offers the opportunity for individuals to combine their communication talents with their passion for diversity and inclusion. The paid fellowships are 6 to 12 months in length and offer benefits, professional development opportunities and a mentor program. Applications close on October 18th.

Minority Report Fellowship

The Minority Report is an industry-vetted fellowship program for the top diverse screenwriters enrolled in undergraduate or graduate educational institutions (Class of 2021 Graduates are eligible). Made by students, for students, it’s the first-ever initiative of its kind.

We are dedicated to changing the face of entertainment by empowering and investing in the young diverse talent of the future. We offer an extensive professional platform to break into entertainment by connecting our Minority Report Fellows with top companies/executives/mentors and providing individualized guidance for career development.

Note that this is UNPAID. Consult with academic faculty regarding eligibility for credit. Applications close on October 14, 2021.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ‘diversity and inclusion focused’ mean in regards to these opportunities?

The jobs and internships posted through IDEAS include opportunities which are exclusive to underrepresented applicants. IDEA also hosts jobs and internships shared by employers who hope to recruit more diverse talent.

Will I receive support in applying to these positions?

Absolutely. We encourage you to connect with our career counseling staff via Handshake for hands-on support in preparing or submitting your application. Our office can also support you when it comes to professional interviewing, networking, or starting your next position.

Who can I talk to about these positions?

You can learn more about IDEAS jobs and internships by contacting the Career Development Center at You may also contact employers themselves using information provided through each opportunity that has been posted. We encourage you to review our Networking Resources if you decide to contact an employer directly.