Internships allow students to apply the knowledge they gain in the classroom to a professional setting. These opportunities are the perfect way to use the concepts you learn from your major to earn experience along with academic credit or compensation. 

You may complete internships either individually or with recognition from Emerson College.

Keep in mind that it is possible to receive compensation for the internship regardless of whether the internship is for credit or not.

Have a specific question? Check out our Internship FAQ’s!

Emerson College offers a few types of internships:

4 Credit Internships

8 Credit Internships

2 Credit Internships (Graduate Students)

1 Credit Internships (Professional Development Experiences)

Deadlines for 2, 4, & 8 Credit Internships:

Fall 2018 Spring 2019 Summer 2018
Soft Deadline August 30th January 3rd May 7th
Registration & Approval Deadline: September 11th January 14th May 21st
Internship Start Date: September 5th – 11th January 14th – 18th May 21st – May 23rd
Internship End Date: December 14th April 26th August 14th

Please review the Professional Development Experiences sheet for PDE-specific deadlines.

Please follow these steps if you plan on receiving academic credit for an internship:

  1. Review the minimum requirements of each credit option, review the Policies & Procedures of an internship, and review the Internship Code of Conduct.
    1. If you are considering a virtual/remote internship, review the Virtual Internship Policies.
  2. Consult with your academic advisor (or graduate program advisor) to make sure an internship course fits into your degree plan.
  3. Secure an internship. Utilize Handshake to search or find one on your own.
  4. Register for the 499 or 690 Internship course in your major.
    1. Remember: You are enrolling in a course. This course has assignments and homework. Read the Class Terms & Requirements.
    2. If you choose to do a 1-credit PDE, registration comes later. Career Services will notify you when you are allowed to register.
  5. Submit an Internship Experience Proposal through Handshake.
    1. Career Services will review your proposal and may message you for edits.
    2. Your Internship Site Supervisor (who you work for) will be sent your proposal and be asked to give their approval. Career Services will do this. You do not need to do this.
    3. The faculty member running your course will be sent your proposal for their final approval.
  6. International students being paid for their internship need to contact International Student Affairs for CPT approval.

How to Submit Your Internship Experience Proposal:

View our Internship FAQ’s

Please be advised that Emerson College Career Services is not responsible for and has no control over content posted on any external websites or actions of third-party employers. It is the job seeker’s responsibility to perform research on companies/organizations and job opportunities. If you become aware of any improper content or conduct associated with any job postings accessible through our site, please let us know immediately. For information on job searching, view our guide on Tips for Safely Searching for Jobs & Internships. You may also contact us directly at any time with specific questions or concerns.