Career Readiness

The Career Readiness Plan is your guide to everything career-related while you’re at Emerson. Think of it as a fully stocked list of the opportunities you should take advantage of throughout your career development which you can use this plan to track your progress into becoming a successful professional.

The plan is divided into 4 unique steps:

Step 1: Explore (Recommended for Freshmen)

Your first year at Emerson is all about creating a lasting First Year Experience between the connections you make, the organizations you join, and the first few projects you complete. This is your chance to get a feel for the school and think how to make the most of an Emerson education.

Step 2: Discover (Recommended for Sophomores)

Go deeper into your career goals by discovering what inspires you and what you truly want out of your career. Look at the opportunities available beyond Emerson and strategize ways to use your network to your advantage.

Step 3: Experience (Recommended for Juniors)

Apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to practical experiences. Work with Career Services to tune your professional skills and find the best internship for your career goals.

Step 4: Transition
(Recommended for Seniors)

Launch your career after reflecting on your experience and goals with Career Services. Develop the best ways to market your skills and find your next career opportunity.