Undergraduate Student Resume Guide

A resume is the face of your professional experience – so let’s share how you should write one!

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Cover Letter Guide

Cover Letters are a crucial part of defining your unique voice as a potential employee. Fine tune your approach with this quick guide.

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Professional Networking Guide

Networking is the key to making connections and creating opportunities. Begin master the art of meeting new people with this quick read.


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For-Credit Internship Planning

Let’s plan for your internship! But first… check out this guide for a few tips and tricks.

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Interviewing Resource Guide

Having a successful interview isn’t as hard as you think. Follow these few rules and you’ll be getting a call back in no time.

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Job Search Strategies

Master the in’s and out’s of job searching with just a few quick tips for improving your search.

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Resume Action Verbs

If you’re resume’s not engaging, is anyone actually reading it? Up your game by adding these verbs to your write-ups.

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Professional Communication

Professional Communication can make or break your career between elevator pitches and best practices. Nail down your skills as a…
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